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The Ultimate Yachts team is passionate about exploring the world’s most compelling coastlines. We believe that chartering a private yacht is the perfect way to discover the secrets of our blue planet. Our handpicked collection of luxury and expedition charter yachts offers an unrivalled means of experiencing both land and sea from the comfort of boutique accommodation with an experiential edge.

We are a small, dedicated team with expert knowledge of exploratory cruising, and we pride ourselves on creating unique adventure holidays that are tailored to our clients wishes. Our yachts combine unique experiences with elegance and modern conveniences, and each yacht comes with a skilled crew including an expert captain, a cruise host and a private chef.



Season: Year-round

Comprising over 17,000 islands dotted across the largest archipelago on earth, Indonesia is blessed with some spectacular remote cruising grounds. This land of legends is home to idyllic isles; some cloaked in dense jungle and inhabited by the mythical bird of paradise, others born of fire-breathing volcanoes and roamed by living dragons.

Soaring mountain peaks, untouched beaches, lush rainforest, authentic village tradition, endemic wildlife and show stopping underwater vistas embrace just some of what this magnificent country has to offer on a private yacht charter.


Season: November to April

Burma (also known as Myanmar) is edged with a tropical coast that gives way to a myriad of beautiful islands. For almost 50 years following Burma’s independence, the 800 isles of the Mergui archipelago were off-limits to the outside world. Paired with southern Thailand’s untrodden shores or the sparsely visited Andamans, these South East Asian gems are ripe for exploration.

Sailing in the Andaman Sea reveals a sequin trail of pure white beaches sloping to turquoise water and coral reefs. The landscape is characterised by jungle-clad hills, lagoons, rivers and mangroves. Wildlife thrives, with gibbons and civet cats inhabiting the forests alongside a plethora of birds.


Season: November to May

Micronesia’s highlight has to be Palau: a divers’ paradise with a wealth of spectacular coral reefs and fascinating wreck sites dotted among a maze of lush green islets in the western Pacific Ocean.

This archipelago of over 300 limestone and volcanic islands is commonly dubbed ‘the underwater Serengeti’ for its incredible seascape. Thick emerald forests, waterfalls and mysterious lakes filled with stingless jellyfish add to its magnetic appeal.


Season: Year-round

If there’s anywhere on earth that truly captures the spirit of a castaway Robinson Crusoe experience, it has to be the Maldives. Of 1,192 coral islands fringed with coral reef across 26 atolls, just 200 are inhabited.

Onboard a private yacht in the Maldives, cruise past tiny islets spilling fauna onto shores strewn with a thousand shells, where the palest jade rings mark lagoons sculpted by the currents of the Indian Ocean. Swell-specialists and wave-wallflowers alike can surf at breaks far off the beaten track, while divers can explore scores of dive sites.


Season: Year-round

A blend of idyllic white sandy beaches, calm waters, lagoons and coral reefs make the Seychelles an incredible year-round charter destination, with ancient wildlife reserves and rare species found nowhere else on earth.

Explore the inner islands or venture further afield to the remote outer reaches, such as the incredible Aldabra Atoll and encounter giant tortoises and unique birds in the depths of the rainforest, and a wealth of fish life beneath the turquoise waves.


Season: Year-round

If getting up close and personal to some of the world’s most fearless land and sea animals, whilst taking in the turquoise waters against a volcanic backdrop sounds like your kind of thing, then the Galapagos Islands are the place for you.

The archipelago, which is made up of volcanic islands and dozens of islets and rocks is the perfect destination for avid explorers, divers, historians, wildlife enthusiasts’ as well as perfectly child friendly for a fun and relaxing family holiday.


Season: April to October

The Mediterranean coast calls to mind sublime afternoons and balmy nights, pine trees and cicadas, honey-hued cliffs, golden sands and quaint cobbled streets, not to mention gastronomy galore – whether you’re drawn to Italy, France, Greece or further afield in the eastern Mediterranean.

There is truly no better way to get off the tourist trail in the Mediterranean than to navigate its clear cerulean waters by private yacht, experiencing secluded spots accessible only by water on this famous and historic stretch of coastline.

"I have worked with the Ultimate Indonesian Yachts team for quite some time now and have had many clients travel with them. I must say they are a pleasure to work with and my clients always return with glowing feedback and wonderful holiday memories. I can happily vouch for and recommend their services."

Emily Gillman

Ampersand Travel

"During the years I’ve worked with Ultimate Indonesian Yachts I have been mighty impressed with the efficiency in turning quotes and questions around as well as being extremely flexible with my rather tricky clients! They seem to have the patience of saints... Eddie will “tell it how it is” and that honesty I appreciate. It’s also good to work with a small team who are happy to go above and beyond. No problems at all in recommending the Ultimate Indonesian Yachts team!"

Rob Murray-John

Black Tomato

"I have been working with Annie and Eddie for a number of years now and we also jointly managed yachts for charter during my time at MYSEA. You can be sure that you are in very professional and expert hands. We worked with the MYBA contract, also adapting things to suit local regulations when needed, and always with client/owner interests as a priority. Ultimate Indonesian Yachts are my go-to contact for anything in Indonesia and I would absolutely recommend working with them for charters in that region. They are on the ground regularly, know all the best places to see, the local technicalities and of course the boats! In short, go for it with no reservation."

Aline Serret

Burgess Yachts

"Eddie is a really good contact and friend of ours and we have been working with him for a few years now. Predominantly, he acts as a 3rd party yacht broker to our company but also has a wealth of knowledge on diving, local partners, itinerary logistics and Indonesia in general - which we regularly call upon. His team knows a great deal about chartering yachts in these waters and we often seek his opinion on various yachts, dive crews, captains, weather patterns, dive sites, resorts and especially the more remote and obscure areas of Indonesia that less people know about. I have never had hesitations about Eddie and his team’s recommendations for my clients."

Charlie Everitt

Original Travel

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