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Indonesia is a land of legends, home to thousands of idyllic islands. Some are cloaked in dense jungle and inhabited by the mythical bird of paradise, others born of fire-breathing volcanoes and roamed by living dragons.

With 17,500 islands to explore, narrowing down the best places to visit in Indonesia can be a challenge, so we’ve highlighted some of the most fascinating islands, archipelagos and national parks in the country.

Whether it’s a honeymoon, a family adventure, a friends’ getaway or a digital detox, Indonesia has plenty to offer to each and every traveller. Soaring mountain peaks, smouldering volcanoes, lush rainforest, fascinating tribal tradition, rare endemic wildlife species, and a show stopping marine landscape represent just some of what this magnificent country has to offer on a private yacht charter.



If there’s anywhere on earth that truly captures the spirit of a castaway Robinson Crusoe experience, it has to be the Maldives. Of 1,192 coral islands across 26 atolls, just 200 are inhabited.

Whether you’re pairing a few nights of private cruising with one of the country’s spectacular castaway hotels or embarking on an adventurous odyssey at sea, the Maldives has plenty to suit every luxury traveller’s desire.

Onboard a private yacht in the Maldives, sail past tiny islets spilling fauna onto shores strewn with a thousand shells. The palest jade rings mark lagoons, set with sun-scorched sand banks, edges sculpted by the currents of the Indian Ocean. Swell-specialists and wave-wallflowers alike can surf at breaks far off the beaten track, while divers can enjoy scores of dive sites.

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For almost 50 years following Burma’s independence, the string of 800 islands that make up the Mergui Archipelago were off limits to the outside world, frozen in time in the Andaman Sea.

The islands were handed back to the indigenous Moken, a people of sea gypsies who have lived a semi-nomadic sea dwelling lifestyle there for centuries, surviving off the land and bartering fish and sea cucumbers.

Sailing in Myanmar reveals a sequin trail of pure white sand beaches sloping to clear turquoise water and coral reefs. The landscape here is characterised by jungle-clad hills, lagoons, rivers and mangroves. Wildlife thrives, with gibbons, civet cats, monitor lizards, pythons and deer inhabiting the forests alongside a plethora of birds including hornbills, kingfishers, emerald doves and sea eagles.



The Mediterranean coast calls to mind sublime afternoons and balmy nights, pine trees and cicadas, honey-hued cliffs, golden sands and quaint cobbled streets, not to mention gastronomy galore.

There is truly no better way to get off the tourist trail in the Mediterranean than navigating its clear cerulean waters by private yacht, experiencing secluded and magical spots accessible only by water on this famous and historic stretch of coastline.

On a personalised journey tailor-made by our expert team, you can discover a patchwork of European coastal pleasures, wander among pastel- hued buildings in medieval villages, dine in the finest tavernas and explore sun- soaked wineries, or simply kick back and enjoy the sights, whether you’re drawn to Italy, France, Greece or further afield in the eastern Mediterranean.